I recently drafted a toile from the Pattern Magic book. The process was sometimes head scratchingly confusing, but ultimately fun in that it’s a step in a different direction in terms of the pattern cutting I’ve done so far.  I occasionally found I had to use my initiative rather than expecting the instructions to tell me exactly what to do. In contrast to the book I’ve been using so far, Winifred Aldrich’s Metric Pattern Cutting for Womenswear, it felt like much more of a spatial exercise. You are not necessarily working to the shape of the human body, but exploring the possibilities of 3D shapes applied to the human form. Anyway, here’s some snapshots of what I came up with.

Toile marked up for alterations

Close up of neckline – must find a way to hide that raw edge

Close up of twist detail

Trying this different method of working has really given me some confidence to play around a bit more with fabric and form. I’ll be continuing with project and attempting to create a finished dress.