I think I’m addicted to tailoring. I’m so obsessed with the insides of my jacket that I almost don’t want to hide it. I can completely see why tailors sometimes favour a half lining to show off their work. All the layers of interfacing, hair canvas, and stay tape shaping it. I’ve learned a lot this year about how to use my machine to finish things really neatly, but doing a bit of catch stitching this afternoon has reminded me of my love of hand stitching.

I decided to freestyle a bit with the pockets, I wanted something really simple, so I came up with this one that is built into the princess and side seam.

Inside of pocket

Outside of pocket (including holding stitches that I’m sure a tailor would be appalled by)

I’ve used fusible shaping techniques this time but may try a fully had tailored garment at some point. For reference I’ve been using a combination of these tutorials (great for tips on how fusible tailoring is used in the garment industry, and ways of making processes quicker), and Tailoring: a step by step guide to creating beautiful customised garments
(which is really useful provided you can see past the 1980s style examples – can’t believe this was fist published in the UK in 2005…). Really though, this little volume has been invaluable, and is definitely worth the £5 I paid for it). My only problem has been that it is written to be used with a printed pattern (“sew to the dot” – uh oh, I don’t have a dot), but this hasn’t been a massive problem.