In keeping with my tailoring kick, I visited this exhibition last week. I really enjoyed the show, here’s a few notes I made afterwards;

  • It was nice to see an exhibition of mainly menswear – I don’t think it’s that common
  • the exhibition design was fun, I really liked the  mock-up workshop area
  • interesting pockets – sometimes including sleek pleats and other details. One I particularly liked was a patch pocket that extended down to become part of the hem of the jacket
  • I don’t think I valued a good curve till I saw these suits up close. I don’t know quite how to describe it, but the shapes were very fine. It made wonder – how does one go about drawing a really good curve? Probably a cycle of practising and sampling…

I feel I now have a fairly good idea of how to make things fit, but looking at the suits made me think more about how the cut of a garment can make it look refined and sophisticated. I’ll try to consider this in my own projects.