I really like this blouse and thought it must be quite simple to construct. After a bit of messing about with bit’s of paper, I think I’ve got it.

Sleeveless drape front blouse, Topshop

Cue dodgy drawing…

I’ve just realised my drawing is the reverse of the Topshop blouse, but the effect would be the same. The back of the blouse is the same but longer, with a button at the back of the neck. It would be simple to construct the main parts of this blouse (just shoulder and side seams), but trickier to get a good finish on the edges that are visible on both pieces. 

While I often look to RTW garments for inspiration for clothes I make, this one got me thinking. I have worked out how it’s made (therefore there is nothing to learn with regards to construction and pattern making through actually copying it); the edges would be difficult to finish, and may look quite messy. Sometimes I feel like there is not much point making things when there is already a perfectly good version that already exists, although this obviously depends very much on the price bracket.

So, while I like the effect of this top, and congratulate Topshop on a rather Pattern Magic-esque piece, I think I’ll bank this construction idea for potential development at a later date. Topshop do the blouse in various colours, and some of the reviews are particularly encouraging “gives an odd silhouette” – I’m pretty into weird shapes in clothing at the moment!

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