I recently finished this dress which challenged my overlocker to say the least. The multiple drapes were a little too thick for a domestic machine, I think I will have to select very fine jerseys in the future for similar projects.


It’s probably the most glamorous thing I’ve ever made fo myself and I really like it. I had to take 4cm off the centre back and centre front to stop it being indecent. I did this by slashing the pattern pieces with the grainline and redrawing the neck and hem lines. After the screw came out of the handwheel on my overlocker while sewing this (I think because the fabric was too thick), I didn’t want to risk my Bernina on finishing the armholes so had to fold and use a herringbone handstitch to secure in place. Not ideal, but ok.


Working on this dress got me think about having a go at some draped garments myself. I started working with my dress form and a large piece of fabric, but found it very difficult to have an idea for a whole garment in mind as I was pinning away. It made me realise how much work must go into the designs in the Drape Drape books. Also, if anyone knows of an affordable draping book I’d be interested in hearing.


The photos don’t really show it off to it’s best.